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President of Indonesia

      Name                           Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

      Place, date of birth        Pacitan, Jawa Timur 9 September 1949

      Address                       Jl. Alternatif Cibubur Puri Cikeas Indah No. 2 Desa Nagrag Kec. Gunung  Putri Bogor -- 16967

      Religion                        Islam

      Tenure of presidency     2004 -- 2009

      Latest portfolio              Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs,10 August 2001 -- 12 March 2004

      Marital status                Married

Spouse                               First Lady Mrs. Kristiani Herawati

Offspring                             1,Mr. Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono

2,Mr. Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono


    1. Indonesian Armed Forces Academy (Akabri), 1973
    2. American Language Course, Lackland, Texas, USA, 1976
    3. Airborne and Ranger Course, Fort Benning, USA, 1976
    4. Infantry Officer Advanced Course, Fort Benning, USA, 1982-1983
    5. On the job training at the 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, USA, 1983
    6. Jungle Warfare School, Panama, 1983
    7. Antitank Weapon Course di Belgia dan Jerman 1984
    8. Battalion Command Course, 1985
    9. Indonesian Army Command School, 1988-1989
    10. Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA
    11. Master of Arts (MA) from Management Webster University, Missouri, USA
    12. Doctorate (Dr.), Bogor Institute of Agriculture, Indonesia, 2004

Latest military rank:

Promoted to General (Four Stars) of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), 25 September 2000. Retired from the military service on 10 November 2000.


Previously-held positions at national and international institutions:

Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs, Cooperation Cabinet, 10/8/2001-12/3/2004 (resigned)


Coordinating Minister for Political, Social, and Security Affairs, National Unity Cabinet, 26/10/2000-1/6/2001 (discharged)


Minister of Mining and Energy, Abdurrahman Wahid's Cabinet, 20/10/1999-26/8/2000


Chief of the Social and Political Staff of the Indonesian Armed Forces, 16/2/1998- November 1998


Commander of the Sriwijaya II Military Regional Command, 23/8/1996-26/8/1997


Chief of Staff of the Greater Jakarta Military Regional Command, March 1996-August 1996


Chief of the UN Military Watch in Bosnia from the United Nations Peacekeeping Force (UNPF), November 1995-November 1996


Commander of Pamungkas 072 Military Resort Command, Yogyakarta, 1994-1995


Operational Assistant of the Greater Jakarta Military Regional Command, 1994


Commander of 17th Infantry Brigade, Kujang I of the Army Strategic Reserves Command, 1993




•Bestowed the Adi Mahakarya Medal of Honour by the President of Indonesia in recognition for graduating as the best cadet of the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy in 1973


•Graduated with Honours from the IOAC, USA, 1983


Voted as the Most Articulate Speaker of Public Figures, 2003.



(Provided by the Embassy of Indonesia in China)


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